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Ted Neeley Beard
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Paul's St.
Any Moncton resident will recognize Paul St. as being a busy road in Dieppe and home to Champlain Place. Why the name of a song though? Jesse, a prominent member of the community of Grande Digue, gets to pass a certain sign beside the traffic circle every time he embarks on his journey from Moncton back to his home. With Moncton being a very bilingual place, the sign says "Rue Paul" (french for Paul St., and also, you know, Ru Paul, the crossdresser, or whatever it is he/she does for a living). Griff gets a real kick out of that. Don't ask me why, but hey, when it's after midnight and you've got a half-hour drive home, by yourself, well... Anyhow, there are no lyrics to speak of, but it's a killer jazz number- great melody! It's all Jesse's.

Paul's St.     (J. Griffith)

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