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Ted Neeley Beard

Get strapped in, because you have come to the home of...
Ted Neeley Beard.

Ted Neeley Beard, straight outta Funkton, NB, takes their style from a specal secret recipe... Combine one part jazz, one part funk, and one part rock. Add a dash each of reggae, hip hop, latin, and bluegrass (and just about any sound anywhere on the musical spectrum). Mix vigorously with a jam band ideology, and you've got yourself a deal. With such a unique blend, well, you could see why people are starting to talk. This site gives you everything you need to know about the band, and then some. Be sure to sign the Guestbook to let us know you were here. Enjoy your stay...


"Well folks, put on your spacesuits, hold on to your beards and prepare to blast off to the other side of the universe with the Moncton-based quartet, Ted Neeley Beard... With all these great styles becoming one large sound on the stage it creates a religious-like gathering of those who seek music as a form of spiritual release and a good time... If you have the chance to catch this quartet live I suggest not passing up this opportunity to experience four musicians who truly are only in it for the music."

- Andrew Livingstone (Scene & Heard, Canada's Live Music Observer)

"The band seems to enjoy exploring different levels of experimentation with song themes and textures that provides obscure and tasteful landscapes from which to launch their jams... Individually, all of the members appear very comfortable with each other and seem to enjoy being on stage. Pete Gorman (keys) is an accomplished player and makes for great conversations with the other instruments on stage... Jesse Griffith is an exciting guitarist as well and has many influences and styles that surround his unique playing. From heavy Trey-influenced licks to an assortment of traditional jazz influences, his tones and style are anything but dull... Jesse does have a style and grace on stage that is all his own and he certainly is no stranger to his guitar. The four-piece is rounded out by drummer Shane Bannister and bassist Olivier Jarda, both of whom are more than capable to say the least of clearing the path by which the band will make its way to their next destination... I hope you all get the chance to see the Beard roll through your town in the very near future!!!"

Ryan Edison (                                

"...with influences ranging from Miles Davis to The Beatles, it's impossible to sum up their musical style in a word or two."

- Julie Clinton (Times & Transcript)

"Some local New Brunswick funk bands, Ted Neely's Beard and The Greg Harrison Experiment, engaged the punk rock audience with their jazzy grooves and fresh jams."

- Windom Earle (New Brunswick band)

"The Ted Neely Beard also keep my feet moving..."

- Dan Culberson (

"A magically delicious combination of funk, rock, and jazz, with a little bit o beard."

- (Canadian Indie Music Directory)


Upcoming dates:
Fri.Jan.2 - Moncton NB - The Paramount Lounge


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