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Ted Neeley Beard
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At the good old Atlantic Band Festival in Halifax, jazz band members Pete and Jesse were roomed with a certain fellow in grade 9 who had been christened "Rex" by Mitch Alward earlier in the year. Not only did he manage to pick up plenty of young ladies, he must have had them infatuated. Rex was barely ever in his room, but late at night and quite early in the morning, the phone was ringing off the hook, much to the dismay of Pete and Jesse. Nonetheless, they got quite a kick out of it all, and Jesse chose to salute Rex with this almost-Latin tune.

Rex    (J. Griffith)
You're always there to spike my hair
Never known to speak the truth
If it's your name we want to hear
I never know what to say
When you ask me for advice

When I find I've lost my trail
You can be sure he'll lend his hand
He's one that's got it all made
Late at night, the ringing never stops
They speak of Rex, he'll be on time

All alone, he's still got a crowd
He'll never upset his friends or foes
Even out of town, he gets the chills
They run and shout crying out
That name they can't forget, it's Rex

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